Smart substitute management

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Smart substitute management.

VICKA takes substitute management to a whole new level with less administration for all people involved and valuable statistics for the organisation.

Add. Answer. Solved.

Add the class that you want help with. Day, time, place and role are matched with your colleagues preferences. An accept from a colleague and the problem is solved. The persons involved are informed automatically.

7 reasons to choose VICKA

VICKA help users

VICKA match the class against users preferences. That saves people involved a lot of time and unnecessary calls and messages to colleagues who cannot accept the class anyway.

VICKA relieves administrators

VICKA gives an administrator overview of current classes and potential stand-ins and is a unifying tool for substitute management throughout the organization.

VICKA automates time consuming work

VICKA asks and informs everyone involved automatically. And VICKA automatically manages alternative roles if the class becomes urgent.

VICKA provide valuable statistics

VICKA can provide reports that can be matched against, for example scheduling. Ex: How many potential stand-ins do we have for the role of X on Fridays at plant Y?

VICKA provide updated contact information

Use mobile VICKA to have updated contact information in other places in your organization.

VICKA works everywhere

VICKA works on all computers and smartphones and requires no installation.

VICKA can be adapted to your conditions

Do users manage stand-ins by themselves? Or do you have an administrative support function? Or something in between? VICKA can be fully customized to your particular organization.


“VICKA is the first service I tested that takes a holistic approach to substitute management for a fitness company.”

Maria Lundgren, tf verksamhetschef Friskis & Svettis Stockholm

“VICKA is full of useful and timesaving features.”

Camilla Hammarlund, ansvarig digitala kanaler Friskis & Svettis Stockholm

Five levels of freedom.

VICKA is available in 5 different levels, from a purely administrative tool without the involvement of users into an automated tool which allows users to handle substitute management by themselfs and where the administrator monitors.

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